My family eat Kampung Chicken, I eat Farm chicken ----- 家人吃kampung雞, 我吃農場雞

The Mid-Autumn festival is coming again, I pass this festival in university alone. Feeling like taking a glass of red wine to paralyze me stomach. Don't doubt, i really wanna paralyze it.

Hey Stomach! Can you stop growing up and behave yourself?

I am trying to become a wonderful person. A person that does not improve will degrade, I won't be that person. I must upgrade myself. Becoming thin is also a kind of improvement.

Everyone likes Mid-Autumn festival, and during these festivals, everone loves to shout out to greet people, I put some "kuso" sentence in Facebook to greet everyone,

I say: Now is Mid-Autumm festival, my family eat Kampung chicken in home and i am eating Kampung chicken at university, and that why i become fatter and fatter.

My friends gave me some funny reaction. Jerry said chicken does not use for food only. That I'm curious, used for what? I still wait for him to answer.

My roommate's friends gave us a chocholate + peanut mooncake and my friend also send me a single egg lianrong cakes, one people few pieces and finally the mooncake has finished, there is mooncke, there is moon, but no festival mood in my heart. Only in foreign land, we will feel like not being in home.

I am a very sensible woman, when leaving a place that I visited, i will be crying, but in this university, i don't have this kind of feeling at all. That is because when the distance between us and sources has shorten, the mysterious will decrease.

Our professor is like asking you all are unhappy, why don't you all response it?

Voice Up guys!

But professor, you are powerless, and we, as customers in this university can do anything?

Holiday, feeling happy.

Holiday end, feeling sad.

School times, feeling calm.

I think that is because university's system just like shit, everything has messed up.

The day before yesterday is our add/drop day, it is a big day for UUM student, what we will eat after we graduate are depending on these days.

This semester, one of my minor subject has bump with a subject, so we seek help from people in charge. They didn't help us at all and say:

We didn't want this happen also.

We asked him back that if we still left one subject, we have to extend semester just for that subject?

She smiled and did nothing.

Fortunately, our teachers have comforted us and gave us a definite answer so that we can choose to add which paper. Next, show times for them, and my fate is on their hand. My fate is fragile, if anything is wrong, then I can't graduate according to our timetable.

中秋節又到了, 只是現在的我在大學, 獨自慶祝. 想拿起一杯紅酒, 麻醉自己的胃覺. 別懷疑, 我沒有打錯字, 的確是胃覺. 越來越bui了,

胃啊! 你可以不可以不要那么發達?

要努力讓自己變的更棒. 一個人不進則退, 我不會是那個人. 我一定是不退則進, 瘦也算是一種進步吧.

又是中秋, 大家很喜歡在各大交友網站貼上一些中秋的祝福語, 我則搞另類, 在面子書上貼了一句很kuso的話,

我說: 中秋節到了, 家人在家吃kampung雞, 我在大學吃農場雞, 不怪得越來越bui bui了.

朋友們的反應都很好笑, 還有一個男人Jerry說雞不一定是拿來吃的..那我很好奇, 是拿來做什麼啊? 我還等着他的回答.

室友的朋友給她送來了一粒巧克力花生月餅, 而我的朋友也給我送了一個單黃蓮蓉月餅, 晚上的時候, 我們一人幾片的搞定了. 月餅在, 月亮也在, 但氣氛沒有. 獨在異鄉為異客, 怎樣都不太會有家的感覺.

我是個很感性的人, 每當離開一個地方, 一定會非常不舍得, 淚總不自覺的留下, 可這種感覺并沒發生在北大, 之前還會舍不得, 可是卻了解靠近大學的辦事方式, 我明白了越是接近事物的起源,事物对于我们就越是变得兴味索然.

教授很喜歡問我們, 你們那么不滿意, 為何都不響應呢?

Voice UP guys!

可是教授, 你都無能為力了, 我們這些俗稱為大學顧客的家伙們還能做啥?

假期離開, 開心.

假期回來, 難過.

開學事件, 平靜.

或許是因為大學的系統就像糞池里的大便一樣, 糊在一塊. 誰打誰, 自己也不知道.

前天是我們的add/drop大日子, 要在大學畢業出去社會吃粥還是吃金都是靠他的.

這一年, 我的一顆minor和一個一定要拿的科目撞在一起, 所以我們就去找負責人. 他們也沒能幫到什麼, 還說


我們問回他, 難倒要我們為了一個科目來延長一個學期?


幸好, 我們科系的老師安慰了我們, 也給了一個肯定的答案, 才放心決定先add哪一課. 接下來, 就是他們的show times了, 我的命運也在他們手上, 脆弱不堪, 稍一有差池, 就沒辦法在限定的時間里畢業了, 也沒辦法如期畢業.


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