My beloved teacher abandoned me.

My beloved teacher abandoned me.

我深爱的老师是女的, 而且很漂亮, 教书一流, 英文说起来像唱的。
My beloved teacher is a her, pretty, Know well in teaching, and she speak English like she is singing.

可惜, 现在有一个尼日利亚的女老师来教我们。。难过大哭啊!
But now, we have a Nigeria female come here to replace her...So sad!

这位尼日利亚老师的英语不是盖的, 全班没几个明白。
This Nigeria teacher's English is too "good" until we don't understand.

他的pronunciation还很特别呢,但是却不会放慢速度配合我们, 而且对课文的解释也不足够,弄的我们头晕脚晕。再次大哭!
Her pronunciation is special and never slow down to make sure whether we are following or not, her explanation for class are not enough also. Make me feeling dizzy in the class! Sad again!
Actually our beloved teacher don't want other people to teach us, but she is forced by upper level management.

尼日利亚老师则是想来这里读Phd, if I am not mistaken,就顺便教我们, 以补他在这的费用。
This Nigeria teacher come here for her Phd if I am not mistaken. She choose to teach us so that she can earn some extra money for her study.

Her Pronunciation
Explanation = Ex.Pla.Na.tion
Product = Pro. du
Manager =
Other = O.the

所以 Other Manager, 他会说是O.the
So for Other Manager, she will say O.the

Nice? Even English-educated students cant understand her.


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  1. hahahaha...slowly you sure will used to it de....don't worry....

  2. i also experienced bad conversation with my pakistan lecturer~haiz..

  3. It is very common in my uni and i alrd get used to this. Btw,are you a freshman?

  4. 孤傲的王子 : until now still can't. she really dunno how to teach de lo!

    Candlelyn : haha..i bet it is really bad.cause thei have high ego i think...

    choonhong : no ....last sem already...pity me

    snow : cute?是照片吗?

    衣服顏色 : 先生还是小姐, 你在我的家打色情广告?!?