"Speak good words, do good deeds, show good will" / “存好心,說好話,做好事”

宮心計”雖然已經播映完畢,各個主角也從中獲利不少, 但是在播映期間,這部戲劇引起了不少爭議, 其中就是他們的服裝,髮式, 最重要的一點就是女主角,劉三好。

劉 三好雖然身在是非不斷,爾虞我詐, 人心險惡的王宮中,可是她一直秉持著她娘親留下來的遺訓, “存好心,說好話,做好事”。 這句話原本就是很對的,只可惜裏面把劉三好這個角色徹底弄壞了, 編劇沒有顯示出三好的聰明機靈, 反而一直讓她受傷,惹人疼愛。怎麽其他人就不會一直被蛇咬, 補獸器傷害呢?是因爲三好吃飽沒事做,所以什麽麻煩都找上他?

有網友說, 如果劉三好真的那麽秉持三好理論, 那麽它就不會知道她的好姐妹,姚金鈴會壞事做盡, 利慾薰心。 其實三好雖然一直延續媽媽的遺訓,可是她不會任人欺壓,她還是會防抗, 只是他盡量不讓自己去做壞事, 但是她卻非常明白以及懂得如何分辨好事壞事。 這纔是一種非常難得可貴的精力。試想想,有誰真的能出淤泥而不染 濯清涟而不妖呢?

即使在這裡我會為三好辯駁,但是我還是不喜歡編劇八三好塑造成一個笨蛋大好人。 好人很棒,笨蛋好人卻是愚蠢。
"Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" ,although this drama have finished and all the characters have gain profit from it, but during its play, this drama has aroused much controversy, which is their clothing, hair style, the most important point is that heroine, Liu San Hao. (San Hao = Three goodness)

Although Liu San Hao living in palace that fulled with betrayed, gossips and materialistic, but she keep what her pass-away mother taught her, "Speak good words, do good deeds, show good will" This sentence was originally quite right, but unfortunately the people who play this role has broken this role, drama writers do not show San Hao clever, but always get injured only so that she can attract the king and lover. How other people would not have been bitten by sneak, harmed by trap? Is it because San Hao is too free until all problems looking for her?

A net friend said that if Liu San Hao really adhere to the "Three Goodness" theory, then she will not know her best friend Yao Jin Ling do bad things. In fact, while San Hao has continued her mother's teachings,but she would not let herself bullied by other people, she will fight back, she would not let herself to involve in bad activities, aware and know how to distinguish a good thing and bad thing. This is a very precious attitude. Just think, who would really not become bad while involved in a place like this? Just like Lotus, although lotus live in dirty pond, but it still keeps its beauty.

Even though i argued for San Hao here, but I still dislike when the writers make San Hao become stupid good person. Be good is nice, but be stupid good is contrast.


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  1. 我也是觉得三好好到有点假,结局是乎太完美了。