Ms.lamlam FM - It's Valentine Again! Je t'aime! (2)

Ms.lamlam : Aloha again! I am your DJ today, Ms.lamlam.

Ms.lamlam : ¡Feliz Día de San Valentín! This is the Spanish version in saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" Well, even though Spain is not the most romantico country in the world, but man in Spain really know how to cherish their wives and lovers.
蘭蘭:¡Feliz Día de San Valentín! 是西班牙版本的“情人節快樂!”儘管西班牙不是全世界最浪漫的國家,但是西班牙人知道如何珍惜自己的妻子和戀人。
Ms.lamlam : They will emphasis in giving a well packed, personalized and wonderful designed gift to their couples. Married man will give flowers to his wife and unmarried couples will exchange other gifts. And guys, if you wanna celebrate your Valentine's Day in Spain, you must not miss Barcelona. Ok, now let me listen to the first call today and spreading love to all~~Hello, who's on the line?
蘭蘭:他們會把重點放在良好的包裝,設計個性化和美好的禮物給他們的愛人。已婚男人會送花朵給自己的妻子而未婚男女朋友則會互相交換禮物。朋友們,如果你想在西班牙慶祝情人節,你一定不能錯過巴塞羅那。好吧,現在讓我聽今天的第一通電話, 把愛散播出去, 請問是誰在綫上呢?

Caros : Hi Ms. DJ, I am Caros.

Lamlam : Caros? The best fine Caros wine from Auckland, New Zealand? :)
蘭蘭:松生?新西蘭奧克蘭最好的松生葡萄酒? :)

Caros : Haha, nope. I am the romantique man from France. :) Bonjour!
松生:哈哈,不。我是從法國來的浪漫男人。 Bonjour!

Lamlam : (laughing...) so romantique Caros, do you have any things wanna share with me?
蘭蘭:(笑著 ..)那浪漫的松生,你有什麼事要和大家分享嗎?

Caros : I plan to express my love to the girl I love during Valentine, so I hope she will say yes.
松生:我計劃在情人節的時候向我喜歡的一個女生表白, 當然我希望他的答案是YES!

Lamlam : Wow. that’s a good news! How are you going to do it?

Caros: I plan to have a dinner with her, later I will bring her to a beach with candles arranged. The candles will looked like “I ♥ you”. At the same times she saw the candles, fireworks will played. Erm..i hope she will like it.
松生:我的計劃是與她共進晚餐,然後我會帶她到海灘, 海灘上會插上蠟燭。蠟燭排出來的樣子會變成 “I ♥ you”。在她看到蠟燭的同一時間,朋友會幫我放煙火。我希望她會喜歡。
Lamlam: As a girl, I believe she will definitely like it, but remember to check whether the beach on fire or not after you do all that, k? Haha..

Caros: Haha…if I success, I will call in again to share this news with you. BYE~~
Lamlam : Well, I really hope Caros will success because in this love seasons, romantic has become something extraordinary for me. Now, I am gonna introduce another song for you guys, “Way Back into love” from Fish & Victor.
蘭蘭:嗯,我真的希望松生會成功,因為在這個愛的季節,浪漫對我來說已經變得非同尋常。現在,我介紹另一首浪漫的情歌給你們, 那就是静茹&品冠的《回到愛》。

Hey guys, I feel damn disappointed after writing this article. Actually I have been write this article before Valentine, but because of some incident happens, my mood drop to 0 degree. I am sorry to paste because I take this as unfinished-creation. I really don’t want to continue it anymore because I don’t feel any love in my heart after the incident. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy New Year to All of you.
寫完這篇文章,我覺得該死的失望。其實我情人節之前就在寫這篇文章,但由於某些突發事件,我的心情下降到0度。我很抱歉,因為我認為這是未完成的創造。我真的不想繼續寫下去了,因為在那件突發事件之後, 我感覺不到愛了。祝你們情人節快樂和新年快樂。

Mei Fern, Happy Chinese New, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday! Long time no see you~~


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    Helo Dj lam lam..
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  2. hope that u can happy oso~
    enjoy d rest of d cny holiday XD