Again! / 又來了!

前天陪媽媽到馬六甲去看大姨, 因爲表弟打電話來說她入院了。哪知道根本是一場烏龍。今天不想說這件事情,因爲我已從馬六甲回來,歡天喜地的想打開我的電腦,就出現這樣的東東了。
The day before yesterday I accompanied my mother to Malacca to visit my aunt, because my cousin said his mother went into hospital. But all of this is only some kind of joke? But today I don't wanna talk about this, because when i came back from Malacca, happily open my laptop, something like this occurs.
我按了什麽鈕都沒有辦法,上綫問我的網友,他們說可能是我的手提電腦的資料已經corrupt.啊!我真得很痛苦,裏面有60GB的電影,以及很重要的文件。電影什麽不見都沒關係,裏面還有我很多的照片,和成績以及學業上的資料。如果真的要format, 那些人會不會幫我儲存我的資料?
I have pressed whatever but useless, i ask my online friends, they say maybe my laptop's data has corrupted! Oh my go, i am in pain now. There have 60GB movies and important documents in it. Movies lose is ok for me, but inside has my pictures and data about my academic. If i really have to format it, those people will help me to save the data?
Ahh..i already very appreciate my laptop. why suddenly become like this? I hope he will recover soon.
最後,那個熒幕就停在這裡, 沒有動靜了。我根本進不了我的Windows!
Finally, the screen stop at there and no motion anymore. I can't go into my windows!


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  1. 很惨!

  2. OMG!i hate this too~better buy a external hard disk to keep ur file!

  3. I think you have no others choice but to format your laptop. I'm not sure whether or not you could save your data before format, ask the technician as well.
    And suggest you do not keep your important data in your C drive. That is to say, when you re-format your laptop, you may need to separate your hard disk into different partitions so that you can keep your data into D or E drive which is only use as storage drive.
    Plus, do make a data backup.

  4. 试进safe mode了吗?

  5. 豆豆:不可以阿! 除非你買多一架給我,哈哈

    yushen : 我很poor拉! 而且我覺得沒有什麽用, 所以不需要

    achen : i do save my documents in two places, and i save two copies in c drive and d drive also. i just worry those people dun help me to save it, bcos i have tried be4

    kahkwee : 有,我是麽都試過了,痛苦啊!

  6. 我的电脑之前坏了,拿去维修,什么资料都没有了,心痛到要死。

  7. 哈哈,存在电脑真的很方便,要的话就去拿,所以!要学乖了,拍了照片就全部po上去facebook还是blog之类的,永久的回忆啊!磨灭不了的~

  8. 所以以后要时不时backup电脑啊... >.<

  9. If they don't, it's nothing you can do anymore then. At least you keep all your important data safely.

    Ohya, perhaps I should name myself ruins777, so that you know how and where I jump to this page. =)

    And one more thing, you know Neecole? I saw she's in your follower@following list.

  10. 没错的话可能是processor的问题
    你可以通过save mode开启电脑
    建议用external harddisk把你要的东西存进去...