我的旅行秘籍 / My Travel Tricks and Tips

朋友們, 旅行Tips來了。。愛旅行的朋友一定要知道以下的tips, 這樣旅程也會方便點, 也避免吃虧的現象, 都是一些我個人覺得好用的。 此篇文章会不定时更新
Hi friends, below are my travel Tricks and Tips, also known as Vera's Travel Kung Fu. I will update if there are more...

出發前!Before Depart

1。 網路訂票時先將瀏覽器更改成無痕模式,因為網站會追蹤記錄您曾經到訪時的價格,你將無法取得最合理或更便宜的價格, 或者可以刪除瀏覽記錄, 當然那就有點麻煩啦!
Switch internet browser to incognito/private mode before make your internet booking. This is to clear your web browser's cookies and cache because many booking website will track your visits record. Therefore, please mask yourself in order to obtain most reasonable price. Otherwise you may clear your browsing history.


2。可以要求鄰居幫你看家, 以免小偷光顧。 沒有鄰居的人類就買些晚上會自動開關的燈吧
Request neighbor to look after your house (be good to them) while you are away or you may purchase Automatic Night Light.  

3。 習慣性在買保養品的時候向商家拿Travel Kit (前提是也別買的太少), 絕對能在旅行中發現他們的重要。 畢竟那些試用品都是自己慣用的產品。
Normally I will request Travel Kit when I am purchasing my skincare. Those little things are very useful during travel.

4。 找酒店的時候, 瀏覽類似Agoda的網站, 得到用戶的評論。 過後, 嘗試直接聯絡酒店得到最優惠的價錢。 也請他們準備比較安靜的房間。看看Airbnb這樣的網站也不錯。
Obtain reviews from website like Agoda, Tripadvisor and etc. Once you have made the comparison, contact the hotel directly in order to obtain best price. Airbnb is another popular choice.

5。 在衣服縫好內袋, 存放錢呀! 把當天要用的錢先拿出來, 其他的存進那小銀行
Sew small pockets inside your clothes. Put all your travel fund in those pockets except the daily expenses. 

6。 找尋兌換率最低的時候趕快換錢! 偶爾差滿遠的。
Currency exchange at lowest rate.

7。 查詢簽證以及重要的聯絡號碼等等
Check on visa requirements and important contact numbers.

8。 有任何疑問都能在類似Tripadvisor的網站發文。 但是請別問一些隨便哪兒都能找到答案的問題。
Post any of your enquiries on forum. Please do not ask something that consider "lazy questions"

9。 多做比較。 門票, 飛機票, 火車票等等。 不只是比較同一類型的交通工具, 這樣就能找出最優惠最省時的交通。
Compare the fare among train, airplane, tickets and etc. In that case, you may obtain the cheapest fare from one location to another.

10。 多看論壇等。 熱心的網友會提供很多的省錢小妙招。 但是別因為網友推薦就盲目的前往, 畢竟個人的喜好都不一樣。
Read and Read more! Do not blindly follow the itinerary suggested by netizens. Everyone has own taste on travelling.

11。 如要進入某些特殊場合, 例如教堂等, 請先檢查他們的服裝要求。 另外, 很多的景點偶爾會有免費日。 好好利用吧!
Check on the "Free Day" for each tourist attraction. Besides, beware on the attire guide.


1。 使用您的眼鏡盒子來裝電源線
Store all the cables in glasses case.

2。 把鞋子裝進浴帽裡。 浴帽容易清洗, 能在不想洗頭時用上, 也能避免你的行李被鞋子弄髒。 或者我會準備很多的塑膠袋, 這樣也可以收藏髒衣服。
Store your shoes in shower cap. Shower cap is easy to clean and you may use it during shower. Otherwise, utilize unused plastic bags which can be used to keep smelly and dirty clothes.

3。 重要的文件一定會拍起來, 避免遺失正式文件時用得上。 另外我會複印多幾份重要的文件。
Take photograph of all important documents / photocopy them.

4。 手機, 平板電腦等等的都下些電子書, 遊戲, 打發無聊的候機。 畢竟帶真正的書有點麻煩。
Save some games or ebooks in your electronic devices.

5。 請在準備衣物以前檢查天氣預測。 現在都很方便, 所以不要偷懶。
Check weather forecast before packing. Don't be LAZY!

6。 帶上藥物, 轉換插頭, 小型吹風筒等等。 吹風筒能幫助衣服快乾。圍巾也很好用, 既能禦寒, 也能遮陽
Carry medication box, travel adapter, mini hair dryer etc. Hair dryer can act as sun to wet clothes. Scarf/shawl is good for cold/hot weather.

7。 檢查你的護照以及各個國家允許的證件有效期
Check your passport availability and validity of stay.

8。 如果已經打算在當地買衣服, 那就不用帶超多的衣服。 另外紙內褲好用, 用了既棄。
Bring less clothes if you plan to purchase during travelling. Disposable underwear is convenience.

9。 行李打包清單! 回國前再核對是否帶齊所有的物品。 或者, 你可以拍照。
Prepare travel checklist / photograph your luggage

10。 再次向酒店確認自己的房間。 另外, 如果訂了的酒店有在類似Groupon這樣的地方賣優惠房, 嘗試聯絡酒店以得到更便宜的房價。 某些酒店會允許的。 :) 當然要做的就是複印這些文件。
Reconfirm booking with hotel. Contact the hotel for cheaper price if found out that they are offer lower price in places like Groupon. You might get same price! 

11。 如有需要用信用卡, 請提前通知銀行, 以免被禁止使用。
Inform the bank on your travel plan in case your credit card blocked by bank.

12。 打印! 打印! 打印! 門票, 機票, 酒店房, 行程都請打印。
Photocopy everything important! (if you think your work is important, you may do so too)

13。 帶上保鮮袋, 這樣既能防水也能在逛市場的時候放進食物。 野餐的時候也很好用。
Plastic wrap is good when visiting markets / picnic.

14。 替包包化妝。 呵呵, 這樣就能一眼認出你的包, 也避免被不小心的拿走
Put on make up for your travel luggage so that recognizable. 

15。 多換小面額的錢, 畢竟仿照的通常都是大額錢幣。
Avoid counterfeit money by changing lower-denomination banknotes.

出發了!Departure! Yay!

1。 沒水不能活得我一定會帶上瓶子, 在過机場安檢前喝完, 進去後再裝。 省錢的好方法!
Keep empty bottle while passing airport security. You may get water after that.

2。 我都會帶著酒店準備的Tissue, 這樣上廁所, 吃東西都用得著, 省錢! 不需要用自己的紙巾。 (ps. 把紙筒抽出來, 省位)
Keep paper roll provided by hotel in your bag which you can use when you are outside. 

3。 通常會告訴機場我的行李含有易碎品, 工作人員會比較溫柔的對待貼上Fragile告示的行李。 有些工作人員可能知道很多這樣的客人所以會詢問裡邊是啥物品, 先準備好答案吧。
Inform the airport personnel that your luggage contains fragile items so that they will put a fragile sign on your bag and handle gently. prepare your answer first because some staffs that know might question you.


4。 忘記帶啥東東都先請問酒店人員, 他們或許會有。
Ask the hoteliers before you bought anything, they might find it in lost and found counter.

5。 路上別帶太多物品, 以免變成累贅。 與其帶雨傘, 不如帶雨衣。 當然, 怕熱怕變黑的孩子們另當別論。
Limit the items brought in your luggage, you are not moving house, ok? For example, raincoat is better than umbrella.

6。 檢查看看各國對於攜帶物品的規則。 例如美國要求你的電話一定要有電力, 不然有可能進不了喔!
Check the law and regulations of the destination. For example, you can't fly into US if you phone battery died.

7。 如果有錢, 建議把旅行袋用機場的保鮮膜服務包好, 這樣別人不能輕易把物品放進你的行李。
Plastic wrap your luggage in case someone put illegal stuffs in your bag.

8。 有些遊客總會露出遊客樣, 千萬不要那麼做。這種行為有如飛蛾撲火, 自己找上竊賊
Do not look like a tourist even if you are one. like below ↓  ↓  ↓


9。 搭地鐵的時候, 和搭檔面對面的坐, 這樣就能察覺是否有人掏偷竊。
Sit opposite of your partner when you are taking LRT or others. This is to prevent pickpockets. 

10。 雖然心裡會想要艷遇, 但還是小心吧! 色字頭上一把刀! 呵呵
Even though you want to experience some romance during travel, but still, be careful...You are not "The Tourist"

11。 離開某些地方時, 請往後看是否遺留了任何物品。
Check before you leave any place so that nothing is missing..

12。 多拍照吧! 雖然說肉眼看見的風景更美麗真實, 但是照片是回憶的好工具。
Even though beauty is in your eye but not your camera, please take more photos and make it a beautiful memory.

13。 想進行一場有目的性的迷路, 那就去吧! 但是請安排好時間。 畢竟很多旅客的行程都已經是塞得不能再塞了。
Intentionally lost is fun! however please allocate your time.


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